Come Together!

Hi, I’m Sal. The band – well, really it was Hal – asked me to write something. I’m not much for writing, but when Hal asks you to do something, you do it – usually.

I’m the Rattles guitar player, and I like playing guitar much better than writing about it. Hal, the Big Guy, is my best friend. We’ve known each other for a long time, even before The Rattles. Still, when he asked me to join the band, I was nervous. I love playing, but I wasn’t too sure about playing in front of big crowds. But Kitty was really nice to me, and Benny is a really smart manager, so I thought, “OK. Why not!?!”

Now we’ve got Gus, too, and we’re sounding really good – it’s like a dream come true. I hope you like our new disk “Rattle On!”

I’m really proud of the songs and the way it sounds – we all worked hard on it. It wasn’t easy. Gus and Kitty had a hard time sharing songs, and they each thought their songs were better then the others. But Hal eventually got everyone to agree – he’s great like that! I wish I could talk to people like that and help them but I get too shy. That’s why I’m glad Hal is my friend. We’re always there for each other.

Well, that’s it for now. Let me know what you think of our music and what your favorite song is.