Goodbye Yesterday


Hello, today!

Yesterday – well, not really yesterday, but not too long ago, if you know what I mean – we were out on the road all the time, playing shows and having lots of fun.

Now we have an album coming out, and things feel different. Don’t get me wrong – I still love playing shows, and so do the guys, and we’ll be back on the road soon enough. But making an album is a big step forward for us. It was hard work. We spent a lot of time in the studio, playing our songs over and over trying to get things right. Then we spent even more time with our manager Benny and some guy they call a producer, (he’s kind of strange and nervous all the time) trying to get things just right. It’s a lot different than playing a concert, let me tell you..

Now we’re really happy with the way things turned out. We all had our own ideas on how to make our songs better (my ideas were the best of course!). Sometimes Gus makes me so angry, he just goes on and on about how he knows everything! But Benny jumped in and got us all talking, and right now I feel really close to Hal and Sal and even Gus (jk, Gus!). We worked hard and did a good job. And it feels like we’re a new, better band.

So, goodbye yesterday, hello today. And I can’t wait until tomorrow!