Little Bit of Soul

Hey there! I’m Hal, and I play bass in The Rattles. Kitty the drummer and I are the rhythm section. That means we keep the beat. I love to play with these guys – and girls! What could be more fun then playing music with your friends? Not to mention playing in front of all our fans! It’s like being in a big sandbox with all your friends!

Wow – ever since we got our album finished done it’s GO-GO-GO! I like to take it easy -  chill, you know. Take my naps hippo style, with my eyes open! I’m kidding. That would be weird. Right? Only one small problem – Benny, and he’s not so small, either! He’s always waking me up from my naps!

Benny’s job is to keep us on time for all our play dates. Personally I think he’s a little too fussy – he could use a timeout! But I know he means well, and we are lucky to have him as our manager.

Hey did you guys see Sal’s post ? If so, can you send him some comments? It would make him feel great. He is really shy, and getting some messages would help him feel like he’s loved.

That’s all for now – I think I hear Sal coming with my lunch!